The Faculty of Social Sciences of KU Leuven and its Alumni Association is proud to award the “Alumni Ambassador 2021” title to Nadia Nsayi.

A true Alumni Ambassador of our faculty inspires people, serves as an example to others and clearly speaks out for the importance of social sciences in the complex society we live in today. He, she or they have come to the fore by their societal commitment and by delivering an excellent performance within their own field of expertise. Our ambassador makes a difference. And that is exactly what Nadia does.

Nadia Nsayi is a political scientist and graduated cum laude in 2008 from the Faculty of Social Sciences at KU Leuven. She is an expert in Congo and works as curator and representation specialist at the MAS museum in Antwerp.

Last year, Nadia wrote the book “Dochter van de dekolonisatie” (Daughter of decolonization) in which she interweaves her personal family history with the relations between Belgium and Congo. The book is already in its third reprint. Her exhibition “100X Congo. A century of Congolese art in Antwerp” recently won the British Museums and Heritage Award as "International Exhibition of the Year". Our new Alumni Ambassador previously worked as a parliamentary assistant for the Senate and devoted ten years of hard work to Broederlijk Delen and the peace movement Pax Christi Vlaanderen.

Our alumni ambassador is an excellent spokesperson and gives voice to the decolonization debate in Belgium. Along with artist David Katshiunga she launched a new exposition called “Authenticité”.

Congratulations, Nadia Nsayi !

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